A new exciting franchise: Friitz Belgian Fries!
Tue, 9/11/10 – 18:00 | 83 Comments

A new Belgian Fries franchise was recently launched. It is named Friitz (with double i, pronounce as
[/' f r i: t s /]), inspired by Fritz, the first man known to have opened a fry …

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Rudy’s – New Haven [updated]
Saturday, 8 Oct, 2005 – 4:23 | One Comment
Rudy’s – New Haven [updated]

370 Elm St, New Haven, 06511
Last visited: Sep. 2005
Looks/presentation: very good, close to the real BF look
Taste: very good
Service: very friendly
9/10 on the scale of US Belgian Fries
8/10 on the scale of real Belgian Fries
[update] …

Duckfat – Portland, Maine
Thursday, 8 Sep, 2005 – 4:27 | No Comment
Duckfat – Portland, Maine

43 Middle Street, Portland, Maine
Last visited: Sep. 2005
Website: http://www.duckfat.com/
By far the best fries I ate this side of the ocean! 
Looks/presentation: very good
Taste: very good, although not the real BF taste
Service: very friendly
9/10 on the scale …

Fryer and Ice – (Riverhead, NYC)
Wednesday, 8 Dec, 2004 – 14:44 | No Comment

No more information on this fry shop. If you know it, have pictures or any other information, please contact me.

Friet Fashion
Monday, 7 Jun, 2004 – 17:05 | One Comment
Friet Fashion

A small exhibition showed new designs of the “Frietzak” (the typical paper cone we use for fries). People at the exhibition were very reluctant so I have not a lot of information. Some more pictures …

B-Frites – NYC (closed)
Wednesday, 31 Dec, 2003 – 4:11 | One Comment
B-Frites – NYC (closed)

1657 Broadway (near 51st Street)
Last visited: May 2003, this shop was closed late 2003
Opened in 1999 by Skell who lived in Belgium. These are the most authentic Belgian Fries you can get in New York: …

Frites Shop – Philadelphia (closed)
Monday, 31 Dec, 2001 – 3:12 | 4 Comments
Frites Shop – Philadelphia (closed)

This fry shop in Philadelphia was opened by my friends Eric and Kathleen. Their fries were very much appreciated and were praised in the local press. Sadly, propably due to the location, their business didn’t …

Frites Belges – NYC (closed)
Friday, 31 Dec, 1999 – 3:46 | No Comment
Frites Belges – NYC (closed)

Located at 6a East 14th, NYC
Last visited: May 1999, closed down soon afterwards
This fry shop has been closed since my last visit in 1999. It was run by Wendy Helterman and opened the day of …

Nameless fry shop – NYC (closed)
Friday, 31 Dec, 1999 – 3:38 | No Comment
Nameless fry shop – NYC (closed)

Located somewhere near the financial district in NYC
Last visited: 1999, never to be seen afterwards
The big success of Suzanne Levinson (Pommes Frites) was shamelessly copied by some Indian restaurant owner who clearly didn’t have …