A new exciting franchise: Friitz Belgian Fries!
Tue, 9/11/10 – 18:00 | 83 Comments

A new Belgian Fries franchise was recently launched. It is named Friitz (with double i, pronounce as
[/' f r i: t s /]), inspired by Fritz, the first man known to have opened a fry …

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Frietkot (fry shop)

Every day more disappear from the Belgian landscape: the “frietkot” or “fritkot”. Information and lots of pictures of the typical fry shacks.

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New material from my archives
Monday, 26 Oct, 2009 – 4:56 | 4 Comments
New material from my archives

Time to publish some more Belgian Fries stuff from my archives.
Some years ago, after my appearance on Belgian television, I received these beautiful b&w pictures from Daniel Lambrechts. Here is his tribute to the many …

More pictures of historical fry shops
Saturday, 5 Sep, 2009 – 3:49 | One Comment
More pictures of historical fry shops

Paul Ilegems, author of 4 books on the Belgian Fries history and culture, sent me some very nice pictures from his vaste collection of fries-related stuff.
Many items of his collection are now at the Frietmuseum …

Albert Tratsaert and his “frietkarre”
Tuesday, 16 Dec, 2008 – 6:31 | 3 Comments
Albert Tratsaert and his “frietkarre”

On of the nicest picture I ever received!
This is Albert Tratsaert with his “frietkarre” (fry cart). He sold fries on the Groentenmarkt in Ostend for about 50 years.
(thanks to the Makelberge-Tratsaert family – I hope …

New work from Eric Legrain
Sunday, 14 Dec, 2008 – 6:28 | No Comment
New work from Eric Legrain

On the left is one of his more recent paintings of a Frietkot, painted on a Michelin map.
If you are interested in buying his stuff, please contact me and I will forward your message.

La méthode belge (how to fall asleep the Belgian way) and other video by Eric Legrain
Sunday, 14 Dec, 2008 – 4:09 | No Comment

In collaboration with Marcel Maraite, Eric Legrain made 4 videos on the Belgian Fry theme.

Eric Legrain – another painter of fry shops
Tuesday, 9 Dec, 2008 – 13:41 | No Comment
Eric Legrain – another painter of fry shops

For a long time I thought Gillis Houben was the only painter with a passion for “frietkoten” (fry shops). I was wrong. Recently I discovered the work of Eric Legrain, a painter from the french-speaking …

Gillis Houben: painter of “frietkoten”
Thursday, 13 Dec, 2007 – 12:58 | 2 Comments
Gillis Houben: painter of “frietkoten”

As far as I know, Gillis Houben is the only painter specialised in painting the famous Belgian frietkoten.
You can find an overview of his work on the next page.