A new exciting franchise: Friitz Belgian Fries!
Tue, 9/11/10 – 18:00 | 83 Comments

A new Belgian Fries franchise was recently launched. It is named Friitz (with double i, pronounce as
[/' f r i: t s /]), inspired by Fritz, the first man known to have opened a fry …

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Frietkot (fry shop)

Every day more disappear from the Belgian landscape: the “frietkot” or “fritkot”. Information and lots of pictures of the typical fry shacks.

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My aim is to make this website the most complete resource on (Belgian) Fries … but I need your help for more information and pictures! So if you have any news, please let me know.

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Fry shops in Belgium – interior pictures
Friday, 10 Apr, 2009 – 16:16 | 12 Comments
Fry shops in Belgium – interior pictures

People all over the world ask me how a fry shop looks like in my country. A picture says more than a thousand words,  so I post some photos of fry shop interiors below in a first …

Tefal Actifri frying pan
Thursday, 18 Dec, 2008 – 8:13 | One Comment
Tefal Actifri frying pan

Frying perfect fries without oil (or just a little bit)? Foodtube.nl put the Tefal Actifri frying pan to the test in this video. More info on this new type of deep fryer on the Tefal …

Hexagonal fries: roll-frit
Thursday, 11 Dec, 2008 – 3:11 | One Comment
Hexagonal fries: roll-frit

Many years ago, Giuseppe Bonsignore made the news with his “invention”: the hexagonal fry! Since not a lot has been heard from him, but I recently found out he has a website, explaining his invention …

Foodcube – Australian vending machine
Monday, 27 Oct, 2008 – 13:20 | No Comment
Friet Fashion
Monday, 7 Jun, 2004 – 17:05 | One Comment
Friet Fashion

A small exhibition showed new designs of the “Frietzak” (the typical paper cone we use for fries). People at the exhibition were very reluctant so I have not a lot of information. Some more pictures …