A new exciting franchise: Friitz Belgian Fries!
Tue, 9/11/10 – 18:00 | 83 Comments

A new Belgian Fries franchise was recently launched. It is named Friitz (with double i, pronounce as
[/' f r i: t s /]), inspired by Fritz, the first man known to have opened a fry …

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Snack Flandria – Krakow (Poland) (closed)
Thursday, 25 Dec, 2008 – 14:19 | 3 Comments
Snack Flandria – Krakow (Poland) (closed)

No information on this fry shop. Just found these pictures on Flickr.
Looking at the pictures I can see a lot of very typical Belgian stuff (snacks, sauces). In my opinion the owners must have Belgian …

Crepes & Frites – Scottsdale, AZ (USA) (closed?)
Tuesday, 16 Dec, 2008 – 5:44 | 3 Comments

Another mysterious fry shop in the US that seems to have not enough success and had to close.
All I found about them is an old email (Jan. 27, 2006):
I want to invite you to visit …

Unknown shop in Shibuya, Tokyo
Sunday, 14 Dec, 2008 – 13:01 | No Comment

I read somewhere a fry shop opened (in 2007?) in Japan … all I can find is some blog locating it in Shibuya, Tokyo. It was also shown in a documentary (still have to convert …

Ray’s Candy Shop on Avenue A – NYC [updated]
Sunday, 14 Dec, 2008 – 7:40 | 7 Comments
Ray’s Candy Shop on Avenue A – NYC [updated]

While browsing the Internet, I stumbled upon a page describing an old fry shop I never heard of.
Curiously, the shop’s name is Ray’s Candy Shop . No reference to (Belgian) Fries at all, but looking …

Benita’s – Santa Monica, CA (closed?)
Saturday, 13 Dec, 2008 – 11:26 | No Comment

This must have been the first “Belgian Fries” shop in the US. I understand it was established in the beginning of the 90-ies, long before Pommes Frites in NYC, who always claim to be the …

Belgian Frie – San Diego (USA) (closed) [updated]
Friday, 12 Dec, 2008 – 4:15 | 2 Comments
Belgian Frie – San Diego (USA) (closed) [updated]

This fry shop is no more … After three years in business, the Belgian Frie has closed its doors in Pacific Beach.
Judging from the name of the owners (Rene & Marcelle), they must have been …

Friterie – Paris (FR)
Thursday, 11 Dec, 2008 – 6:15 | 7 Comments
Friterie – Paris (FR)

I found a very nice picture of the famous friterie (fry shop) in Paris. The shop is located at 77 rue Galande, 75005 Paris. I saw it some years ago (it was closed at that …