A new exciting franchise: Friitz Belgian Fries!
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A new Belgian Fries franchise was recently launched. It is named Friitz (with double i, pronounce as
[/' f r i: t s /]), inspired by Fritz, the first man known to have opened a fry …

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Belgian Fries – Vancouver, Canada

Submitted by Mich on Wednesday, 10 December 200814 Comments - 104,105 views

Belgian Fries

in between 3rd & 2nd
(Cross Street: Commercial DR and 2nd AVE E)
Phone: 604-253-4220


  • Lindsey says:

    On Monday March 31 2014
    I was in the area (not really) 38 & Fraser but drove out of my way to get a poutine as I was reminded by my niece how delish they were & still existed. I was excited to enjoy it again, had recently recommended them to my sister who is new in the area, but have come to realize the service is not as friendly as it was when I went to school & worked on the drive back in 2005-2006. Which is to bad because now my niece, her boyfriend, boyfriends family, my sister, sisters family, a friend of mine whom also enjoys there, her friends & ALL of our friends in between will not be going here anymore. they’re cashier sempt raciest with no patience? Expected me to know my order ASAP as soon she came to the register I asked for a minute then That’s when it all started. I’m brown which doesn’t make sense b.c she’s Latina looks browner then me! Anyway for the first time of being in there after years found everything wasn’t really clear? I couldn’t see the cooler & right away she gave me attitude, treated me like an idiot for having to direct me to ‘help myself’ to my soda. While waiting for my order she slammed dishes, chairs etc around me stared at me? Made incredibly uncomfortable! Felt like I was in a high school cafeteria? Like she does not enjoy her job & what a great disconnect between an employer & employee? He seemed to think there was nothing wrong with It so wasn’t a good experience made me angry/sad I had put in the effort to drive for that sucky service!! That’s gone all over our social medias
    Me, niece, niece bf, bf family, sister, sisters family, my friend, her friends, our friends. Nice good job snotty immigrant.

  • Carl Mansfield says:

    I have had a bad experience in the past two months. I want to be fair and reasonable about my comments. The owner (male) is more concerned about what the business community tells him than what he sees during customer transactions. People in the retail sector can judge a person’s character within seconds of greeting them. Most of the time the food has been terrific and the cost of the fries is comparable to New York Fries. All stores have not so good days so I take it in stride. If you get on the wrong side of the owner then the customer service deteriorates quickly to the point of rude, disrespectful and prejudiced behaviour. He does not have the courage to be honest about what he knows. I don’t know if this is a cultural matter or a personality matter. To be fair the owner’s wife is very nice and makes a wonderful effort to give the best customer service. I am sad to say this but I do NOT recommend anyone doing business with them unless you are on his good list. Race, Gender and Creed have nothing to do with this – it’s his attitude! (This is a universal item not my personal intrepretation).
    If the owner has read this then I welcome an email response from him at anytime. I expect good etiquette just as I have given here.
    Thank you.
    Carl Mansfield
    Burnaby, BC

  • Rob says:

    I had a problem just trying to put in my order on Saturday August 10, 2013. I got there (Commercial) around 830 at night and stood directly in front of the cash register waiting to order a cone. The cashier was cleaning up some beer pitchers and when she looked up she came to the register. Here I am thinking that she will be taking my order but instead she looks to her left to another guy standing 8 feet away (he got there sometime after I got there) and tried to take his order.
    Thankfully he directed the cashier’s attention to me and told her that I was there first. No apologies, nothing, just took my order as though nothing was wrong. Real bad customer service. Can’t explain her behavior. The only difference between the other guy and myself is race. He’s white and I’m not (the cashier was also white). Weird.

  • kelbeld says:

    Dined ther 2 days ago and what a great disappointment!! Never again. I could have had poutine at Costco for less money. The fries tasted like the were from a package. We went out of our way to try this place and I honestly say it was nothing to brag about.

  • Wayne says:

    Don’t order the smoked meat wrap!
    I was going to send this to the owner of Belgian Fries but I could not find a web site for them so here it is:
    What a disappointing lunch we had! I ordered at the counter, as required, a smoked meat wrap, coleslaw, pickle and a medium fries. Total was $11.64 plus tip. After a fifteen minute wait the fires were mostly half cooked. The wrap was a hard tortilla that had a little bit of smoked meat and fried onions inside with a little cheese on top. It was cut into six greasy pieces. The fries were returned and received a sincere apology from the cook behind the counter. The newly delivered cone of fries was at least well cooked but not great. While dealing with the fries and the greasy wrap I forgot that I had ordered a side of coleslaw and a pickle. Too late to bother so we ate and left. In trying to find their web site I came across many reviews, some good but mostly trending bad. Maybe it is time for a wakeup call to the owner! The Dunn’s smoked meat restaurant franchise is coming to downtown Vancouver soon and given their numerous Montreal locations they should have many stores here too. Five Guys Burgers and Fries is also opening many stores here. The food and fries there are very good. We will not bother to go back the Belgian Fries. There are too many other options for good food out there.

  • Elaine says:

    Tried Belgian Fries on Sunday – wow! Wonderful hamburgers and great Poutine!

  • zoektfrietkoteigenaarinbuitenland says:

    Is this place owned by Belgians? Greetz

  • David D says:

    Um…, I’ve lived across the street from them since Day 1, and the same guy who opened the place still runs it today (Comments of the typically ignorant vancoverites listed above not withstanding. Boy, there is a HUGE amount of bigotry in Vancouver, especially directed against Asians and South Asians).

    Anyway, they serve as good a Poutine as you will ever find outside of Quebec (and better than many in La Belle Provance), and if you have a death-wish, try the deep-fried Mars Bar… a way better way to go than jumping off a bridge.

    The food is as tasty and unhealthy as it ever was, though the service is a little less friendly since the place expanded.

  • E says:

    what are you talking about, ‘asian’ owners? they just renovated. the owners are the same. you’re a racist fool.

  • Fries Lover says:

    Just called them they’re open everyday 11-10.

  • Emma says:

    What are the hours does anybody know?

  • S says:

    my friend went by there yesterday and they were closed down!! Are they gone forever, just expanding, moving to a new location, what??

  • G says:

    It seems the place has changed hands a few times in recent years. Now that the Asian owners have taken over the portions went down and the prices went up. Still not as good as a few yearas agi but that will happen when you have different cultures selling “western” cuisine I suppose.

    At least they have Interac now thank god!


  • Ann Badjura says:

    I have had fries here several times and believe me they are as good as in Belgium. When I miss the Belgian fries, I just go here and I am in heaven again. I recommend this place to anyone.

    Greetings from a Belgian in Canada,

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