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About f-Commerce

15 years ago, when I started this website -only 1 page at that time- I would never have guessed I would spend so much time answering emails, updating the site and travel the world in my disguise as the Missionary of the Belgian Fries.

My main goal is to promote Belgian Fries all over the world.

f-Commerce comes in three flavors:

  • consulting, advice, training
  • my f-Shop for typical Belgian fry shop stuff
  • the brand new FBF franchise (finally!)


I receive e-mails every day from people who like the idea of Belgian Fries and in their enthousiasm want to start their own Belgian Fries shop immediately.  “What do I need?”, “How much does it cost?”,  “Where can I find potatoes?”, “I want to start in my town” (not mentioning where that is),  are some of the most asked questions I get and, of course, can not answer them being too general.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. I am always willing to help you lot out, but I need a minimum of details.

I made an easy to fill in questionnaire with some basic information about you, your ideas and plans. Don’t let it frighten you, it is just a simple way for me to gain some time and distinct people who are really interested in starting a BF business and  the curious ones.

Based on this information we can proceed and maybe be successfull in starting a cooperation and promote Belgian Fries in your country.

f-Shop for Belgian Fries stuff

If you already own a fry shop or you are not interested in the franchise but want to start on your own, I can help you too.  Check the f-Shop in the top menu and see what special “Belgian Fry Shop” items I can supply. The paper cones, the forks and the tossing pan will make your shop special and give it an authentic Belgian look.

Anything else you need but can not find? Let me know, I’ll check for you in Belgium … Please bare in mind that I do NOT supply potatoes, sauces or big frying equipment (unless you participate in the franchising program).

the FBF Franchising program

After 10 years of preparation, talking to other parties and travelling the world investigating the market, we finally decided to open the franchising program! Huray! My dream is becoming reality at last.

How will it work? Like most other franchises, I will follow according to the following process stages:

  • Application: you fill out the application form which you can find in the top menu
  • Short listing: I will talk to you by various means of communication, eventually travel to your country for an interview or invite you to come to Belgium
  • Disclosure: you will receive full details of the franchise, a non-disclosure agreement and a contract
  • Development: further development of tha franchise, locations, business plan
  • Legal stuff: start of the franchise agreement
  • Finalisation: training, marketing, building, preparation of the launch event

So, if you are interested, let’s start with the application form!

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