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About me

Me some years ago, ordering fries at a fry shopBecause I have been defending Belgian Fries on the Internet for years, many people think I am Belgian and own a fry shop. None of these statements is true: I am Dutch and have no relationship with the Belgian Fries industry whatsoever (for the moment, that is).

In 1995, in the early days of the internet, I thought it would be a good idea to promote this great Belgian food and let the world know where “French Fries” really do come from. As I am working in IT, I created a very simple page which was an instant succes on the web (well, there were only a few thousand in those days …).

Disguised as “The Missionary of the Belgian Fries” I have been travelling a big part of the world the since 1996 in search for Belgian Fries and other enthousiasts. The first years I found them mainly in the US but since the turn of the century, the “hype” is also hitting other continents. You can follow the latest trends in my section “Belgian Fries around the World”.

So far my short bio.

Contact me

You have material I can use? You plan to come to Belgium and want to taste the real thing? You just want to congratulate me with this superb website :-) ?

Send me an email: michel [at] belgianfries [dot] com
English, Dutch, French and German spoken :-)

BTW: my name is Michel (or Michael if you prefer) but you can call me King Cone.

Before evryone starts asking about my “logo”: my family name is Mes, which means “knife” in English …

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