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Definition of Belgian Fries (BF)

Some years ago, suddenly (thanks to this website?) the term Belgian Fries started to be used to make a difference with “French Fries”.  But nobody really did know what the difference was …

Too many bars, brasseries, restaurants in the world serve so-called Belgian fries but they don’t know what they are talking about.  Just serving thick-cut fries does not make them Belgian Fries to start with. Also, 95% of them are frozen stuff. It is a disgrace they call them Belgian Fries, even if they have been imported from Belgium.




So high time time for a (simple) definition of what makes fries Belgian Fries:

  1. freshly cut, irregularly shaped
  2. cooked (fried) twice
  3. fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside
  4. a distinct potato taste
  5. at least 10 mm thick
  6. preferably served in a paper cone

If 1 of these characteristics is absent, please do not use the term Belgian Fries, just call them fries (or French fries if you prefer).


A little historical note

In The Netherlands (= Holland, our northern neighbours) they prefer to use the term Flemish Fries (Vlaamse frites). Flemish Fries in Holland is like a quality label for a fresh product that meets the definition above.

Flemish refers to Vlaanderen which is the northern (Dutch speaking) half of Belgium. The Dutch relate more to this part of the country because we share the same language (and historically we were once 1 country). The southern part of Belgium speaks French and is closer to France.

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