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I receive e-mails every day from people who like the idea of Belgian Fries and in their enthousiasm want to start their own Belgian Fries shop immediately.  “What do I need?”, “How much does it cost?”,  “Where can I find potatoes?”, “I want to start in my town” (not mentioning where that is),  are some of the most asked questions I get and, of course, can not answer them being too general. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. I am always willing to help you lot out, but I need a minimum of details.

As part of the launch of my franchising program, I made an easy to fill in questionnaire with some basic information about you, your ideas and plans. Don’t let it frighten you, it is just a simple way for me to gain some time and distinct people who are really interested in starting a BF business and  the curious ones.

Based on this information we can proceed and maybe be successfull in starting a cooperation and promote Belgian Fries in your country.

If you already own a fry shop or you are not interested in the franchise but want to start on your own: I can help you too.  Check the f-Shop in the top menu and see what special “Belgian Fry Shop” items I can supply.

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