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About this website

The One and Only Belgian Fries Website contains tons of information on Belgian (and other) Fries. Most articles are in English but some will be in Dutch, French or German (sorry, I have no time to translate them).

Most pictures have my copyright and I appreciate people not misusing this. I mention the author for other pictures unless I don’t know or it is public domain. If I use one of your pictures and do not mention the copyright holder, please contact me for a rectification.


A few facts about this site

  • The term “Belgian Fries” was first used on this website long time ago - it has spread the world since
  • The site (and the recipe) has been copied by many – I have no problem with that as long as they provide a link to the original website
  • With an average of over 1,000 visitors a day, this website might be of interest to you if you are more or less selling products for the fry business. You can contact me for advertisement possibilities (see About me)


Copyright notice

All material on this website is owned by Michel Mes (yeah, that’s me). Copyright © 1990-now. Exceptions are mentioned as much as possible.

I have no problem with:

  • You, mentioning this site on your website
  • Links to this site (it is always nice if you can send me the link – if of any interest to my public, I will post it here too)
  • People sending me pictures and other material on fries
  • People inviting me to taste their fries at home

I have a problem with:

  • People who use my material without mentioning the credits (and/or asking for permission)
  • Stealing my text and website concept
  • Nerds who abuse my guestbook/forum
  • McDonalds fries …


Older versions

Version 1 (1995-1997)

Version 1 (1995-1997)

Version 2 (1997-2008)

Version 2 (1997-2008)










If you prefer the old versions, you can still visit it here (Version 2) or here (the pre-historic first version). It is clear they will not be updated anymore.

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