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(this page was created in 2003 and needs some revisions)

Do big business and promote Belgian Fries!
Many of you dream of starting a friet-business and ask me for advice and prices. Since 1998 I exported quite a few original paper cones, wooden forks and salting pans to the USA. So I guess I’m your man if you need these supplies.

What can I supply? and what not …

Depending on the country you live in, I can supply you with everything you need to start a f-business or just the important smaller things like cones and forks. USA residents will have to find their own frying equipment and sauces: the electrical regulations (for one) in the US are different than ours and transforming the equipment to meet US standards costs a lot of money. As for food, the FDA is a bit a pain in the neck making it very difficult to get sauces into the US.

So, you want to start a typical Belgian fry shop but you are not interested in a franchise? No problem, you can buy special items you will not be able find anywhere in the world but make your fry shop very “Belgian”: I supply the classic Belgian paper cones in different sizes, wooden and plastic forks, the “must have” tossing pans (aka salting pan) and manual cutting equipment (which you can find on eBay more easily). Details below, for further information please fill in the form and I’ll get back to you with prices and samples.  I do NOT supply potatoes, sauces, oil, frying equipment, etc.. If you want the full package, check out the franchising pages.

If you’re ready to start your business, I will be happy to fly over and teach you how to make perfect Belgian fries (this takes about a week). And of course, I would love to be your guest of honor on the big opening day! :-)

Paper cones come in 7 different dimensions. They are made of special fat absorbing and heat resisting paper, which keeps the fries hot and crispy.

The list below gives you the height of each. The top width is the same as the height, so you’ll have a good idea of their contents. The 19 and 25 cm versions are normally used in Belgium for a small or larger portion. We always use 2 cones (the inner one a bit smaller) per portion. I never saw the big one of 34 cm but that’s maybe what the Americans need ;-{))

Dimensions are in cm, weights in kilos per 1,000, prices per 10,000 (packed per 1,000) in EURO.


Order# Height Price Weight
1026 16 cm 2,2 kg
1025 19 cm 2,6 kg
1024 21 cm 3,0 kg
1023 23 cm 3,6 kg
1022 25 cm 4,0 kg
1021 27 cm 4,8 kg
1020 34 cm 7,5 kg






Fry forks: classical wooden forks with 2 teeth, boxes of per 1,000 pieces, minimum qty. 10 boxes. Also available: multi-color plastic fry forks.





Salting pans: (left) aluminium with a diameter of about 35 cm.


Manual cutting devices

My advice: check eBay, there are a lot of manual (industrial and household) fry cutters for sale there.




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Prices are excluding shipping and import taxes or customs duty. Shipping costs depend on quantity, distance and delivery time. Once you know what you want I’ll check for the shipping cost.


Payment is due before shipping. What I need is money on the bank or a letter from your bank that the money is on it’s way. Once I have this I will ship the goods immediately and will notify you with all shipping details. Update Dec. 2002: as of now I accept payment through PayPal! This makes life a lot easier for you and for me.

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