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Ok, this is easy (except for finding the perfect ingredients). I never ate good mussels outside Holland and Belgium, but let’s give it a go and see what you think:

Before starting clean the mussels thoroughly with a brush and throw all mussels with a broken or damaged shells away.

Take a big cookingpan and fill the bottom with a sliced onion, some parsley and pieces of selery (don’t cut them up in too small pieces). Throw in some white pepperballs. Put in a layer the mussels and some water to cover this first layer.

On top some more onion, parsley, selery, pepper and mussels. Continue with these layers of vegetables and mussels until the pot is full.

Put the pan on a high fire and stirr (or shake) regularly. Once they open up the mussels are ready. Mussels that did not open are not to be eaten!

The only way to eat mussels and fries

You don’t need a spoon or a fork to eat this perfect dish: take a mussel and empty it. Use the musselshell as a tool to eat your dish! Serve mussels and fries on separate plates.

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