A new exciting franchise: Friitz Belgian Fries!
Tue, 9/11/10 – 18:00 | 83 Comments

A new Belgian Fries franchise was recently launched. It is named Friitz (with double i, pronounce as
[/' f r i: t s /]), inspired by Fritz, the first man known to have opened a fry …

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Belgian Fries and fry shops around the world: an overview of what is happening with Belgian Fries on our planet.


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Frietkot (fry shop)

Every day more disappear from the Belgian landscape: the “frietkot” or “fritkot”. Information and lots of pictures of the typical fry shacks.

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My aim is to make this website the most complete resource on (Belgian) Fries … but I need your help for more information and pictures! So if you have any news, please let me know.

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Testing and tasting potatoes in Bangkok – updated
Thursday, 11 Dec, 2008 – 3:49 | 6 Comments
Testing and tasting potatoes in Bangkok – updated

I’m back in Bangkok! Arrived just before the PAD occupied the airport …

As I could not find a fryer here, I flew in a round one from Belgium. Very simple and cheap thing, but it will do …

HOBS – Bangkok
Thursday, 4 Dec, 2008 – 11:37 | 4 Comments
HOBS – Bangkok

I have been to Bangkok (and other places in Thailand) quite a few times this year (2008) in search for Belgian Fries. Found nothing worth mentioning. HOBS, a Belgian style pub in Bangkok, claims to …