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(this is the original 1995 website on Belgian fries. The latest version can be found here)

Forget French Fries, get the original Belgian Fries!

The Big Frietkoten Survey was launched on November 15th in the radioprogram Frituur Victoria!

The secret recipe: how to make the real Belgian fries

A typical Belgian inhabitant eating fries the tradional way in a frietzak.

(For those who do not recognise the guy: it's Guy Verhofstad, former chairman of the third biggest party of Flanders - picture from Knack magazine.)

a Belgian frituur!

The Belgian Fries Website in the press

I finally had some time to update my Belgian Fries pages!

First of all, I would like to thank the numerous fry-lovers that send me e-mail and apologise to those who haven't received an answer to their questions yet.

What's new?

  • I made a guestbook. I would love you to sign it (guestbook has been moved to the new site).
  • Made some changes to the Recipe-page.

What else is cooking?

  • The recipe-page will be updated very soon with recipes for mayonnaise and mussels.

  • Apart from fries, Belgium is famous for its comic books. I'm preparing a page on 'Belgian Fries in Comics and other Arts'.

  • Another page I'm working on will give you a look inside a typical Belgian frietkot. If you have pictures related to 'frituren' and other fry-related stuff, please contact me.

  • Last plan: the picture gallery, with a lot of pictures of 'frituren'. Below is a preview.

These pages will be updated regularly, so add the URL to your bookmarks and check every now and then or send me an e-mail and I'll keep you posted.

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